Heard Around the Hen House

MOM:  “Eat your lunch.”

A CERTAIN 3-YEAR-OLD:  “But I don’t like my lunch.”

MOM:  “Well, eat it anyway, it’s lunch.”

(Mom leaves room to sneak a cookie from the kitchen.) 

A CERTAIN 3-YEAR-OLD:  “Mom, I’ve got lunch stuck in my nose.”

MOM:  “How did it get THERE?”

A CERTAIN 3-YEAR-OLD:  “Well, I put it there.”

Did you know that if a child sticks a piece of elbow macaroni in their nose, if you leave it alone for about 5 minutes while you panic, find the pediatrician’s phone number, call and speak to the answering service because the pediatrician is out to lunch, her little nose will produce enough mucus to completely cover said piece of elbow macaroni and slide it right out, all by itself!   Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.



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