In the Kitchen with Noah – Chocolate Milk and Popcorn

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One of the keys to teaching a child with Down syndrome is finding their motivation.  Noah’s is easy – food!  Carbs in particular.  Around here he is known as the Carb King (not to be outdone by his sister, the Bread Queen :).)  He loves being in the kitchen, especially if it means he is going to get something to eat.  We have capitalized on that by introducing recipe boards into his repertoire.

Funny story:  My husband loves chocolate milk, so Noah has had many occasions to drink chocolate milk out of his Daddy’s cup, and he has always loved it.  Noah also loves milk, and he gets excited every time I tell him he can have some.  The first time he made chocolate milk, he was so excited about the fact that he was getting milk, that even after mixing in the chocolate himself, he took his first sip and then pushed it away because he was expecting milk, not chocolate milk.  It took him watching his brothers and sisters make and devour chocolate milk before he was willing to give it another try.  Hmm.  I wonder how many times I reject what my Heavenly Father has for me simply because it is not what I expected.

You know, sometimes the greatest gifts are wrapped in the strangest packaging.  That’s how Noah was.  His wrapping was full of scary words, like special needs, Down syndrome, developmental delay, extra chromosome, defect, VSD.  But oh the treasure in that little elf of a boy!!!!  Thank you, Lord, for ALL your gifts, especially the ones I don’t expect.

Today’s freebies are visual recipes for chocolate milk and popcorn, in honor of Noah’s very favorite snack.  These are PDFs, so just click and print.

Chocolate Milk Recipe PEC Board

Popcorn PEC Recipe Board

Got more visual recipes?  We’d love it if you’d share!

Be blessed today . . . AND as my local hero says, “Pay it foward!”


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