PDFs – We’ve Got PDFs – Free Printable PECs for Special Needs

Thanks to my awesome hubby, father of 9, IT wizard extraordinaire, I can now convert all my files to PDFs.  What that means for you is that you can now print directly from my posts.  Just click and print.  The boards and PECs are still coming from my very favorite source, www.mrsriley.com; this will just make it just a wee bit easier if you’re in a hurry.  And we’re in a hurry a lot around here.  But be sure to stop on by www.mrsriley.com when you have a second to look around – what you see on my blog is just a sampling of the fabulous resources available on their site; plus, their customer support is simply amazing.  Go on, and tell ’em Alyson sent you!


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