Happy Birthday to You the PECs Way

In honor of Baby Seth’s second birthday, I have a new PECs board for you thanks to www.mrsriley.com.  Click and print Happy Birthday Song – mrsriley.  It’s soooo hard to see my baby turn 2.

I was doing Noah’s Kaufmann cards with him tonight and Seth came over to chime in.  (Kaufmann cards are flashcards with step-by-step word approximations on the back and pictures on the front –  great for children with apraxia.)  Noah was trying so hard and was making great word approximations, but Seth was just spitting those words right out.  Of course I’m happy Seth is such a verbal little guy, but it made me just a little teary-eyed to see him leave Noah in the dust.  Sometimes I can’t help but feel it’s Noah and me against the world.  Tonight is one of those times.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You the PECs Way”

  1. I’m glad you have this site. People who visit here, who have special needs children, understand the lump in the throat that comes with watching the average youngster barrel along beside the one whose progress is slower and comes with so much effort. Someone else going through the same thing will find comfort and affirmation in your words…xxoo

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