I Get By With a Little Help From My . . . Wacky Wonders

“Seven kids, homeschooling, therapy (hey – for Noah, not for me), housework, cooking, laundry, research, activities, marriage, how do you do it all.”  Now, I could get all superspiritual on you here and tell you it’s all by grace, but that would be stating the obvious.  Besides that, the truth is, I don’t do it all.  Trinity (17) takes care of the Littles when I’m schooling the middles and cooking dinner, Trinity and the Middles do dishes and laundry, Leah and Eden love to “do” preschool with Bella, and even little by little (no pun intended) the Littles are starting to help with housework.

I have found that putting picture card labels on Noah’s drawers has worked famously in two ways.  One, I can now ask any of the children to put Noah’s clothes in his drawers and nobody except Seth can get away with, “But I don’t know where they go.”  And, of course, that comes out more like, “But buh buh buh buh buh buh duh.”

Secondly, Noah, now that he knows exactly where they are, can pick out his own shirt and pants, which saves me time and steps.  Even better, Noah now, on his own initiative goes and gets his shirt and pants when he realizes it’s time to get dressed.  He’s taking cues from my behavior and his environment (as in me taking off his pajamas and having him go potty after he gets up in the morning), puts two and two together, and then does the next right thing.  HUGE!!!!!

Those simple little picture labels were a springboard for some pretty huge milestones, wouldn’t you say?  I’m finding that a lot lately.  (Thank you mrsriley.com).

As for my other children, they have simple word-only labels; and to be honest, they seem to be ignoring them most of the time.  So, we’re off to overhaul all the clothing drawers.  Bye-bye labels; hello picture cards.  Let’s see where a little visual cueing takes us.

Here’s a look at my picture card labels:  http://mrsriley.com/app/#fileID=46150.

A little trick I use to attach the cards to the drawers – Scotch Removable Poster Tape.  I buy it at the grocery store in the same aisle as the regular tape.  It is completely removable and doesn’t leave a residue.  BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!  Scotch Removable Poster Tape works GREAT on walls, but not on furniture.  When it comes off, so does the top layer of finish.  Oops.  So, I think for furniture your best bet is that adhesive wall putty.  I’m pretty sure that will leave your furniture finish intact.  I guess it was an easy mistake for an amateur, right?

What about you?  What little gems have you employed around your house that led to far more success than you imagined?

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